Frequently Asked Questions About Zeolite


What is Zeolite?

Zeolite is a natural volcanic mineral, which works as a detoxifier for heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins. It was formed over millions of years when volcano ash settled on alkaline seawater. This resulted in a chemical reaction and created an extremely strong, negatively charged, cavernous compound. The unique negative charge of zeolite allows it to absorb dangerous toxins like a magnet by locking these toxins within its porous tunnels. Many refer to this as a “cage-like structure,” since once zeolite absorbs a toxin, the dangerous substance is locked within the zeolite structure and cannot be broken free. This means that zeolite can safely and gently carry out of the body, any toxins it pick up as it travels through the body.


How does Zeolite Work in the Body?

Since zeolite is one of two natural minerals that are negatively charged by nature, it works like a magnet to attract positively charged toxins and heavy metals that have accumulated in the body. Zeolite has a very porous structure, which means it traps toxins and heavy metals as it circulates throughout the body. Our products contain zeolite, with unique formulations, that absorb the toxins, free radicals, and dangerous heavy metals from your body. This mineral has also been shown to help balance the body’s pH levels and boost the immune system. A body stays healthy and the immune system stays strong when pH is balanced.


What are Toxins, and How Did They Get in My Body?

Toxins are dangerous elements and compounds, which breakdown the body. Toxins, such as heavy metals, radioactive materials, and countless man-made chemicals, enter our bodies constantly through food, air, and water. Since our bodies do not use these harmful materials, they sit in our cells, disrupting functions and breaking down molecules. Eventually, these toxins cause unexplained sickness and symptoms. It is important to take a zeolite supplement daily to eradicate these harmful toxins from the body before they cause damage.


What is the Difference Between Our Zeolite and Other Zeolite Brands?

Purity and potency are what make our zeolite stand out when compared to any other zeolite supplement on the market. It is mined specifically for human consumption, and then further processed to ensure purity and micronization.

Other zeolite supplement companies get their zeolite from commercial mines because it is cheaper and located close to their businesses. Commercial grade zeolite is the same zeolite that is used in pool filtration, cat litter, and as concrete filler, and is not mined for human consumption. There is little, if any, processing done on their zeolite, meaning it is not micronized, cleaned, or sterilized. It is not unusual for commercial grade zeolite cages to already be filled with heavy metals, which means little to no detoxing powers. Further, zeolite can harbor mold, and it is for these reasons why processing zeolite is absolutely necessary.


Does ZEO Health’s Zeolite Get into the Bloodstream?

Yes. Nearly all of our zeolite products range from 0 to 40 microns. This range in microns insures a more complete full-body detox. Smaller zeolite particles are carried into the bloodstream and the larger particles stay in the digestive tract longer. This offers a more balanced detox. Esdifan is the only product with a slightly larger ranging particle range of 0-150, so that more zeolite will stay in the digestive tract in order to help heal the gut more effectively.

Zeolite does not breakdown in the body and remains intact, which allows it to collect heavy metals and toxins, and carry them out safely and gently. Our zeolite is designed to reach more places in the body and offers a complete detox.


What is More Effective: Powdered Zeolite or Liquid Zeolite?

This question is better answered by first explaining liquid zeolite supplements. There is NO SUCH THING as liquefied zeolite. If zeolite was liquefied, it would destroy the cage structure. It is impossible for zeolite to detox the body without its essential structure intact. In reality, liquid zeolite supplements contain a miniscule amount of powdered zeolite mixed in a liquid, (usually water).

The amount of zeolite that is actually in liquid supplements is ineffective for detoxing. Thus, it is always better to take a powdered or capsule product because, not only will you get more zeolite per dose, you will also get enough zeolite to effectively detox the body.

It is also more effective to take capsules or powdered zeolite products because you will get more zeolite for your money. Liquid zeolite supplements are most often just a pinch of zeolite in a liquid, which have high price tags. For example, one popular brand of liquid zeolite costs $60 per bottle and contains so little zeolite in it, it would take at least 5,000 bottles of this supplement to equal the same amount of zeolite powder that is in one container Zeolite Pure.

Due to popular demand, Regal Supplements developed a liquid suspension product called Zetox. It does contain the most zeolite per dose compared to any other liquid zeolite supplements; however, we only suggest taking this product if you are looking to maintain a detox or for convenience reasons.


Will Zeolite Causes Side Effects, Like Other Detoxing Products?

The answer to this is most likely NO. Most detoxifying products have side effects because they do not bond with the toxin, or have a weak bond, which is not protected as it travels through the body. The toxins pulled out of cells by these other detoxifiers flood the body, which cause you to feel ill. This is called a J Herxheimer Reaction, or a.k.a. a Healing Crisis. In general, zeolite does not cause a Healing Crisis because it absorbs and locks toxins within its structure. There is no condition harsh enough in the body to breakdown zeolite, and so the toxins are never exposed to the body- meaning no sick feeling. Of course, though they are rare, there may be exceptions.


How Safe is Zeolite?

You probably come in contact with the form of zeolite used our products (clinoptilolite-zeolite) every day—in medications and foods, like rice and cereal. Toxicology tests have shown zeolite to be nontoxic. (We don’t recommend these products for children under 12, pregnant women, or women who may become pregnant.) Our products have been effectively used by our customers for nearly 20 years, with countless health benefits and positive feedback.


How Long Can I Continue Taking Zeolite?

Zeolite is safe to take daily. Unlike other detoxifiers, you do not have to stop taking zeolite for any period of time. Zeolite is a very gentle on the body. It is important to take a daily zeolite supplement, since we are constantly exposed to toxins via food, air, and water. (We don’t recommend these products for children under 12, pregnant women, or women who may become pregnant.)


Can Zeolite be taken with Food and Water, or on an Empty Stomach?

Yes, it is perfectly safe and effective to take zeolite with or without food, or on an empty stomach. (Besides detoxing, zeolite is known for helping to settle upset stomachs.)


How Long Will It Be Before I See Results?

This is a difficult question to answer because it all depends on the individual person. Everyone’s toxicity is different, and everyone shows symptoms of this toxicity in various ways. From chronic fatigue, to poor skin, to severe headaches, to achy joins, heavy metals and other toxins disrupt the body’s normal functions in countless ways.

Our general recommendation is to take the product for at least 90 days, and then be reevaluated by your medical professional to see what progress has been made. If desired, you can continue taking zeolite beyond the 90 day period. Please make sure that you are always drinking plenty of water with your zeolite.


How Do I Know if Zeolite is Working?

Zeolite works like a magnet, attracting positively charged toxins and heavy metals into its cage structure. Since this action is automatic, zeolite is always working to detox your body and create a healthy environment from within. Depending on your toxicity, you may or may not feel an immediate difference. If you don’t feel a difference immediately, don’t worry, the zeolite is definitely detoxing. Those who feel an immediate effect typically experience increased energy and the lifting of “brain fog.” Individuals feel long term benefits in various ways, depending on what sort of havoc toxins have been doing to the body.


Is There Lead and Aluminum in Zeolite?

Zeolite is a volcanic mineral. It is made up of an array of elements that come from the core of the Earth, but all of these elements are bound within the structure of zeolite. When taken as a supplement, the extremely strong structure of zeolite cannot be broken down by in body. The only circumstances that can breakdown the zeolite structure are intense volcanic heat and pure hydrochloric acid. Neither of these harsh conditions exists within the human body.

Aluminosilicate is the scientific name for clinoptilolite-zeolite. People often become scared hearing this because they automatically assume there is aluminum in it, which could cause harm by taking it. The Internet is also home to endless rumors, such as claiming zeolite supplements are dangerous and contain lead which can poison the body. There have never been any complaints of lead and/or aluminum poisoning by any of our zeolite products. As previously stated, any elements that might be in zeolite are bound within the structure. Zeolite is never broken down within the body. Zeolite actually performs the opposite of these rumors by absorbing dangerous lead and aluminum, among other harmful heavy metals, that may be clogging up cells and disrupting normal functions.

For nearly two decades, ZEO Health and Regal Supplements have adhered to strict quality controls to ensure the purity and quality of our products. During this time we have accumulated numerous toxicology reports, studies, and lab tests to ensure that our products are safe for daily consumption. (We don’t recommend these products for children under 12, pregnant women, or women who may become pregnant.)


Will Regal Supplements’ Products Conflict with any Medications that I May Be Taking?

Probably not. All of our products contain natural minerals and vitamins. Zeolite passes through your system, collecting the toxins and heavy metals all the way, and is then passed naturally without you even noticing. Zeolite generally does not interact with any other medications, since the zeolite structure remains intact and does not breakdown in the body. We do not have knowledge of any known drug interactions with our products; however, you should always check with a medical professional if you have any concerns about interactions with medications you are taking. Heavy metal based medications, such as Lithium, may be less effective when taking our products since Zeolite traps heavy metals in the body.


Does Zeolite Remove Beneficial Vitamins and Minerals?

No. Zeolite is a very gentle detox. It attracts harmful toxins and heavy metals, and will not strip your body of beneficial vitamins and minerals.


Does all Regal Supplements’ Products Contain the Same Zeolite?

Yes, all of Regal Supplements’ zeolite products contain the same pure zeolite, although the particle size may vary. (Esdifan has a slightly larger particle size to help stay in and heal the gut.)


What Color Should Zeolite Be?

If the zeolite is pure in nature, it should be an off-white to grayish color. Any other colors, such as green and pink, may be signs of impurities.


What Does Zeolite Taste Like?

Zeolite has been described as tasting slightly chalky, but overall, it doesn’t have much of a taste. If you choose a capsule product, and not the powder, you do not have to worry about the taste.


How is Regal Supplements’ Zeolite Processed?

Our zeolite is put through several processes to ensure quality and a high level of purity. First, Real Supplements gets zeolite from the purest source on Earth. It is then put through a "wash" to remove any contaminants that may still be lingering in the zeolite. It is then micronized to a fine particle size, and put through a proprietary process to sanitize the mineral.


What is the Difference Between Micronizing and Milling?

Zeolite is not naturally in a powder form. It is extracted from the Earth as huge chunks of rock, and from there the size is reduced through milling or micronizing. Milling is a process performed at the mine, wherein machines are used to pulverize these rocks into powder. This process can easily destroy the zeolite structure and should only be used for commercial purposes. Micronizing is where special machines are used to naturally fracture the zeolite into tiny particles, which protects the vital cage structure of the zeolite. Though Regal Supplements always micronizes our zeolite, micronizing is rarely done by other zeolite supplement companies because it is a costly process. Instead, these companies rely on the cheap milling process to reduce the size of their zeolite, creating ineffective, commercial grade zeolite.


Can Excessive Moisture in Zeolite Lead to Mold Growth?

Yes! It was recently discovered much of the weight in zeolite powders from other zeolite brands was due to excessive water, and not zeolite. Moisture in zeolite can easily grow mold. This is a clear indication of commercial zeolite that is not properly processed.


Why is Particle Size/Micron Size Important?

Zeolite’s particle size, or micron size, is important because it allows the zeolite to leave the digestive track and circulate throughout the entire body for a full body detox. Though ZEO Health always micronizes our zeolite, micronization is an expensive process, which is rarely done by other zeolite supplement companies.


Does Your Zeolite Get into the Bloodstream? Does Zeolite Leave the Digestive Track?

Yes, we use the same particle size that is used in scientific studies to show effective health benefits. Zeolite does not breakdown in the body and remains intact, collecting heavy metals and toxins and carrying them out. “Liquid zeolite” companies created lies, claiming that the powder mineral does not get into the bloodstream and their liquid zeolite does. What they seemed to have forgotten is that all of the scientific studies ever published on zeolite demonstrating health benefits were done using powdered mineral. These studies would not have shown positive results if the powder did not get into the bloodstream. Esdifan, our product to help diarrhea issues, contains a larger particle size to keep most of the zeolite in the digestive tract where it is needed most for those patients.


Why is a Balanced pH Important?

The human body is healthy and works optimally when it is within a pH range of 7.35-7.45. The body becomes acidic when pH is thrown off, and it is this environment in which bad things, such as sickness, bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses can grow unchecked. An acidic pH often causes the immune system to become overwhelmed and too weak to fight off all these invaders at once. It is at this point when the body starts to breakdown, and exhibits unexplained symptoms and illness. Toxins that have built up over time are usually the main culprit for turning the blood acidic and causing pH to fall below 7.35. Zeolite helps to restore the body’s natural pH balance by pulling these acidic toxins out of cells, and safely and gently carrying them out of the body. Zeolite is also an alkaline mineral, which helps to reduce acidity as it circulates through the body.

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