Is Zeolite Safe?

Absolutely, YES! There are hundreds of types of zeolite, but we are only talking about clinoptilolite-zeolite here, which is the only type of zeolite that is used in supplements. Zeolite is a volcanic mineral and has an array of elements in it because it comes from the core of the Earth. The cage of the zeolite structure is so strong that there is no condition harsh enough in the body to break it down. This means that nothing is leached from the zeolite structure. Since zeolite stays intact, it can then do its job by absorbing positively charged toxins, such as heavy metals and radiation (including lead and aluminum).


Does zeolite absorb or leach heavy metals?

Zeolite absorbs heavy metals. Misinformation about zeolite leaching lead, aluminum, arsenic, and other metals originated many years ago when people learned that the chemical name for clinoptilolite-zeolite is “aluminosilicate.” They automatically assumed “aluminosilicate” meant there was aluminum in zeolite, which could potentially do harm. Over the years, more misinformation about zeolite leaching other metals, such as lead and arsenic, has come about. But none of this is true! Though zeolite is a volcanic mineral and has a variety of elements in it, the structure of the zeolite mineral CANNOT BE BROKEN DOWN IN THE BODY. Thus, nothing in the structure of the zeolite is bioavailable—in other words no aluminum, lead, arsenic, or any other metals are leached from the zeolite structure as it travels through the body. In fact, clinoptilolite-zeolite does the opposite and absorbs dangerous heavy metals from the body’s cells.

To prove that zeolite stays intact and does not leach any elements from its structure, we had our zeolite 3rd party tested by an accredited laboratory. The test, known as a gastric leach test, exposed a dose of our zeolite to a hydrochloric solution to mimic stomach acid—the harshest environment within the body. Please click here to view this lab test. The symbol < means that metal is below detectable limits or is completely absent. For example Tungsten says the results were <0.025mg, meaning Tungsten was below this amount or not detectable at all. These results clearly demonstrate that our clinoptilolite-zeolite does not leach any metals when circulating in the human body.

Though the lead and arsenic levels were below detectable limits, ZEO Health pursued having a 3rd party study performed by the University of Missouri using our zeolite powder to end further controversies over these specific heavy metals. We strategically chose the University of Missouri to undertake this study because they are experts in testing for heavy metals and bioavailability. Moreover, not only are they world-renown for their studies, but they are also used by federal agencies and all state governments for testing and to help establish public standards. In this zeolite study, swine were fed our zeolite powder and were regularly tested for their lead and arsenic levels. Lead levels were found to have significantly decreased below detectable limits. This finding proved that not only is zeolite not leaching lead, but it also heavily implied that zeolite was detoxing this dangerous heavy metal. While there was excretion of arsenic throughout the study, it was established that zeolite was not leaching arsenic and this arsenic originated from the swine’s feed. Please click here to read the abstract of this study.

Since this study was specifically designed to evaluate the leaching of lead and arsenic from zeolite, no solid conclusions were drawn by the researchers on the functioning of zeolite as a detoxifier. However, the researchers stated that the decrease of lead and the excretion of arsenic implied that the zeolite was functioning exactly as it should— detoxing, and NOT leaching, these heavy metals.

Additionally, ZEO Health has continued to collect 3rd party toxicology information on our zeolite over the years, including an almost 60 page analysis by a renowned team of toxicologists. All of our toxicology information has come back with consistent results—zeolite is nontoxic. Below is one of our toxicology reports, which was conducted using our Zeolite Pure powder. This is the same zeolite powder used in all our products. In this test, 10 rats were fed an extremely large dose of our zeolite powder (5,000mg/kg). This amount is about equivalent to a 150 pound human consuming about 341 grams of zeolite in a single day. (There are 400 grams of zeolite in one container of Zeolite Pure, so the test is comparable to consuming almost the entire bottle of zeolite!) After 14 days of observation and a postmortem test of the rats’ tissues, the toxicologists concluded that zeolite is nontoxic. These results are on page 6 of the report, under "CONCLUSION." Please click here to view this toxicology report on our zeolite.


Zeolite detoxes heavy metals and radiation- not just cesium

Though you may not be aware of it, clinoptilolite-zeolite is commonly used in many products you most likely use or are exposed to on a daily basis. Some of the common industries clinoptilolite-zeolite is used in include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Public water filtration and household water filters to absorb heavy metals, radiation, and other toxins from drinking water
  • Air filters to clean air before we breath it
  • Food products, such as rice and cereal, to absorb moisture and help keep food fresh
  • Cosmetics to help absorb moisture
  • Pool filtration and laundry detergent to absorb toxins, odors , and dirt
  • Cat litter and deodorizers to help absorb moisture, ammonia, and smells.

Logically, since zeolite is used in so many different industries for a number of different reasons, it seems obvious that it does not absorb only cesium. Zeolite works like a magnet (based on the charge) to absorb toxins. It cannot discriminate and only choose to absorb cesium, and ignore any other positively charged toxin that might come its way. Why would it be used for nearly 70 years in so many other industries for other purposes if this were true?


Our History

ZEO Health has been in business nearly 2 decades. We are the original pioneers of zeolite health supplements in the USA—meaning because we were the first in this industry, an extraordinary amount of time, research, and dedication went into developing the best zeolite supplements possible. Since this company was founded, we always have had our zeolite tested by 3rd party professionals, and have continued to collect lab tests, toxicology reports, and studies that prove our zeolite supplements to be safe and effective— and never the opposite. Health supplement companies are not required to do this extensive research and tests; however, ZEO Health continues to volunteer to do so. To this day, no other zeolite supplement company has us beat in quality and purity. The toxicologist experts who we work with, and who have confirmed Zeolite’s safety, have told us that they have never witnessed any other dietary supplement company do the amount of research, detailed work, and quality control that ZEO Health has done with their zeolite products. It is above and beyond for the supplement industry.


Natural News on Zeolite

Natural News is a website, run by a man who claims to be an independent journalist, turned scientist. Here’s the problem: People don’t turn into scientists overnight. This takes many years of schooling in a specific area of the sciences and usually means obtaining two to four college degrees. Becoming a creditable “scientist” isn’t an armchair hobby.

Further, analysis of supplements requires, besides a lengthy education, hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of lab equipment. This lab equipment is not something you can buy so easily and you need to know how to use it. Natural News claimed to do these tests on zeolite supplements (and countless others) internally. This means they did not send the zeolite out to professionals with the proper education, training, or knowledge to analyze zeolite, or any other health supplement. Laboratories and analysis require certifications by the scientific community and no lab results are ever accepted without them. Even with certifications, the scientific community requires any results to be able to be duplicated by another certified lab before accepting specific results. The Healthy Ranger is a journalist—Not a chemist. He is not certified to be doing lab work or analysis, never mind, publicizing his personal findings.

ZEO Health always has 3rd party testing done on our raw zeolite and finished products. All of our studies, lab tests, and toxicology reports have been done by certified, accredited professionals, who do not have personal motives to alter the outcome of the results. Our test results have always upheld our superior purity compared to any other zeolite brand. Natural News, on the other hand, has a whole line of health products geared towards their readers and is motivated to sell these products. They have a long history of turning loyal readers into their customers through articles disguised as being informative and revealing the ‘hidden dangers’ behind products. At the end of these revealing articles, Natural News has a product to sell you to fill the void they juFakeNewsNaturalNews.pngst created in the market.

Fake news is big now, and people need to be extra cautious. Fake news is when misinformation is purposely being put out to the public as truth in order to trick them into believing something that is false. It is well-known that Natural News is fringe news and overrun with conspiracy theories. Anything published on this site is less believable when you know it is run by a salesman, disguised as an underground journalist. He is not exposing conspiracies and looking out for the best interest of the people because all he is really interested in doing is using his site as a platform to write scathing articles about product competitors and advertise his products to readers.

Natural News is also known for ‘scrubbing’ their comments, meaning they do not publish comments, which conflict with the information they publish. This means, for instance, if you know that what they are writing is false, you have no recourse against them as a reader, and a logical human being, to offer them contradictory facts. We have heard multiple complaints from our customers who have tried to refute Natural News false claims and tell them about their positive, healing experiences when using our zeolite, but their comments are never published. We have also tried numerous times ourselves to explain the proper science behind zeolite, how zeolite really works, and to prove that their articles are completely false, but our comments were never publish. Banning people’s comments allows Natural News to uphold their false information because no one is allowed to deny what they publish and let others know the truth about zeolite.

ZEO Health has never had a complaint of heavy metal poisoning because zeolite detoxes heavy metals. If what Natural News published about zeolite was true, our company would have been shut down long ago and could not have stayed in business for 20 years. There are no formal complaints to any government agency or any patterns or history of negative health issues with using our products over the last 20 years because zeolite is simply safe.

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