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  • Stops Diarrhea

    Esdifan is a revolutionary, all natural product with a unique formula designed to stop diarrhea, the uncomfortable pains associated with diarrhea, and sour stomach. It is extremely effective for those who suffer from diarrhea, without the negative side effects of unnatural remedies.

    Customers who suffer from diarrhea rave that Esdifan has changed their lives. No more embarrassing situations. No more running home after eating out. Take back your life. Take Esdifan.


    • Esdifan uses a larger particle size zeolite to stay in digestive tract longer.
    • Removes excess fluid in the digestive tract.
    • Removes toxins from the digestive tract.
    • Calms down the bowels to allow the body to heal itself.
    • Firms stool.
    • Over 80% success rate.
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    Awesome stuff



    I was having problems with diarrhea forever and Esdifan has been a lifesaver! I use it every day and never leave home without it!

    The messenger - New York, NY
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    I received my first bottle of Estidan in August for IBS.....Since I received it,my whole life has changed! I can actually leave the house, meet friends for dinner, go shopping and know as long as I have some Estifan with me I can do everything my friends do with confidence. Thank you so much gor giving me back my life!!!

    Barb - Holden, MA
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    Great results



    Found Esdifan on the internet after researching explosive diarrhea, which has been a problem for me for many years. I take three with breakfast and three with dinner, sometimes more if I'm going to be eating something I've never had before. I am so grateful that I am not having that embarrassing problem anymore!!

    Oscar - Clermont, FL
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    My Esdifan CURE!



    Mon. 01/30/2017, marks the anniversary date for my Esdifan cure remedy for the chronic diarrhea which I had suffered through the whole month of January of this year. It was absolutely the worst birthday ever, including the year, many decades ago, when I contracted the flu on my special day. Hallelujah and PTL! This stuff really works!! ***After only one day's dose (t.i.d.), I was able to sit down to a normal protein-enhanced dinner, instead of the 'BRAT' diet which I was forced to endure ingesting as my only food source, for the greater part of January. Ahhh....protein! I didn't miss it until it was gone.*** Today, I feel re-energized and renewed, and it's all thanks to this remarkable, healing 'miracle' remedy!
    ***A side note of discovery: By Thursday, 02/02/2017, I felt safe enough to order a belated birthday Chinese dinner for myself. There was absolutely no evidence of any gastrointestinal distress, whatsoever. Just the relief in knowing that I will no longer have to be concerned, re: any issues of the intestinal type. I can leave the house again! Free at last!***I think that I'll try some ice cream, next....

    JJ2007 - Smyrna, GA
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    Thank you! Has changed my life in many ways!



    I got the Zeolite for my IBS after trying drugs and having IBS disrupt my life for years. I have also had many other health issues healed since taking it for 1 month. I had a stroke one month before the Pandemic "lockdown". Due to this I was unable to go to physical Therapy. ... I have had been able to read, regain some muscle control, memory issues and many other abilities after only one month of Zeolite.
    I will make it a part of my daily regimen forever. I also just bought some for my son today!

    Marie - CT
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    Game changer !!!!



    I have to give esdifan 5 stars !!!! I’ve been searching for a product that actually stops and calms the intestines for years !!!! I would highly recommend this product to anyone who suffers from diarrhea… I have celiac and when I by accident get cross contamination it’s miserable for days… this product helped to stop the cramping and diarrhea in about 15 minutes… Iam so great full to finally have something that actually works and repairs .. thank you thank you 

    Happiness36 - Massachusetts
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