Zeolite Capsules with Vitamin B-12 and Calcium


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  • Zeolite Capsules with Vitamin B-12 and Calcium

    Destroxin. contains the amazing natural mineral Zeolite with a unique formula that has been proven to absorb the toxins, free radicals, and heavy metals from your body, as well as boost the immune system without side effects. This mineral has been shown to balance the body's pH. Foreign cells cannot grow in a balanced pH environment. This is the form of Zeolite proven effective in scientific studies.
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    This product is my hero!



    I have been suffering with Deep Morphea. I had enormous and shocking swelling and inflammation on my legs, ankles, feet, arms and hands. No western medicine was effective. I searched for something natural and decided to try this product. Within a few days all of the swelling and inflammation had left my body and never returned. It saved my life! I will use this product for life!

    RMK - Marana, AZ
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